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Common API Error Messages Explained

If you're encountering issues with our API, this guide will help you understand some common error messages and their meanings.

General Errors

  • 400 - Bad Request: This indicates an incorrect parameter. Ensure that all required parameters are correctly set.

  • 429 - Rate Limit: You've made too many requests to the API within a 1 second time period. Reduce your requests per second (RPS) to stay below the free 1rps limit. If higher limits are required, please fill out the 1inch Network Enterprise API application.

  • 503 - Banned IP: The IP address you're using to access the API is banned. Please ensure you're adhering to 1inch Network's terms of use.

  • The API isn't behaving as expected: In certain cases you may be passing in a parameter supported by the API but the wrong type or expected value. For example disableEstimate=true will work but disableEstimate=True will not. All parameters are CAsE SenSiTive. This is especially apparent when stringifying boolean values in python.

Specific Errors

  • Cannot sync token: The token either doesn't exist on the blockchain or isn't a valid token. Also, double check that you are using the correct chainID in relation to the token used.

  • Amount is not set: The 'amount' field hasn't been specified.

    • Please note: All token amounts must be in the correct decimal format! The decimal format can be found by looking up the token contract on the block explorer.

    • Example: If the source token is DAI, and you are sending 1 DAI, the amount with 18 decimals would be 1000000000000000000.


  • Src is not set: The 'src' (source token contract) field is missing.

  • Dst is not set: The 'dst' (destination token contract) field is missing.

  • Insufficient liquidity: The aggregator can't find a route for the swap due to low liquidity.

Swap-specific Errors

  • 400 - Bad Request: This will be similar to the general 400 error; however, these error messages will also specify a missing parameter or more details of the problem.

  • Not enough src balance: This means your source token balance is insufficient. It provides the required amount and your current balance.

  • Not enough Allowance: You haven't granted the necessary token allowance to the 1inch router. It'll indicate the amount, current allowance, and the spender address, e.g., "Spender: 0x1111111254eeb25477b68fb85ed929f73a960582".

  • Insufficient liquidity: As mentioned earlier, the aggregator couldn't route the swap.

Please note: This list is not comprehensive. Other errors involving the dynamics of generic EVM transaction estimations might require deeper investigation.