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Resolver’s setup script example

The following script executes the steps to become a resolver:

  1. Approve staking 1inch for 1inch contract.
  2. Stake 1inch to gain unicorn power.
  3. Add a delegation pod to enable power delegation.
  4. Register yourself to be a resolver.
  5. (Optional) Change the default farm to a new farm.
  6. Delegate available unicorn power to yourself.
  7. Register a resolver at the whitelist.
  8. Set up a worker to settle fusion orders.

Setup script example#

const { ether, time } = require('@1inch/solidity-utils');const { ethers } = require('hardhat');
// Setup envirementconst inch = await ethers.getContractAt('IERC20', '0x111111111117dc0aa78b770fa6a738034120c302');const st1inch = await ethers.getContractAt('IERC20', '0x9a0c8ff858d273f57072d714bca7411d717501d7');const powerPod = await ethers.getContractAt('IERC20', '0xaccfac2339e16dc80c50d2fa81b5c2b049b4f947');const whitelist = await ethers.getContractAt('WhitelistRegistry', '0xcb8308fcB7BC2f84ed1bEa2C016991D34de5cc77');
const stakeAmount = ether('1000000');const lockTime = time.duration.years('2');const myShareToken = {    name: 'MyShareTokenName',    symbol: 'MST',};const worker = '...'; // Address of wallet which send transactionconst [resolver] = await ethers.getSigners();
// Ethers setup script
// approve 1inch stakingawait (await inch.connect(resolver).approve(st1inch.address, stakeAmount));// stake 1inch tokenawait (await st1inch.connect(resolver).deposit(stakeAmount, lockTime)).wait();// add delegation pod to// 1. make it possible for any user to delegate staking power to// the resolver's account// 2. make it possible for a resolver to allocate its staking power for itselfawait (await st1inch.connect(resolver).addPod(powerPod.address)).wait();
// register resolver's delegation token to count stakers' shares and rewardsawait (    await powerPod        .connect(resolver)        .functions['register(string,string)'](  ,            myShareToken.symbol,        )).wait();
// Delegate staked power to selfawait (await powerPod.connect(resolver).delegate(resolver.address)).wait();
// Whitelist resolver (there should be enough unicorn power to be in top 10)await (await whitelist.connect(resolver).register()).wait();
// Add worker address from which order settlement will be executedawait (await whitelist.connect(resolver).promote(1, worker)).wait();