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Fill a limit order



orderLimitOrdera limit order structure. See Limit order structure
signatureLimitOrderSignaturesignature of a limit order
makerAmountStringamount of maker asset (in token units)
takerAmountStringamount of taker asset (in token units)
thresholdAmountStringthe threshold for the amount of received asset (in received asset units)

Note: to fill a limit order, only one of the amounts must be specified
The second one must be set to 0


import Web3 from 'web3';import {    LimitOrderProtocolFacade,    LimitOrder,    LimitOrderSignature,    Web3ProviderConnector} from '@1inch/limit-order-protocol';
const walletAddress = '0xhhh...';const contractAddress = '0x5fa31604fc5dcebfcac2481f9fa59d174126e5e6';
const order: LimitOrder = {...};const signature: LimitOrderSignature = '...';
const makerAmount = '400000000';const takerAmount = '0';const thresholdAmount = '600000000';
const connector = new Web3ProviderConnector(new Web3('...'));const limitOrderProtocolFacade = new LimitOrderProtocolFacade(contractAddress, connector);
const callData = limitOrderProtocolFacade.fillLimitOrder(    order,    signature,    makerAmount,    takerAmount,    thresholdAmount);
sendTransaction({    from: walletAddress,    gas: 210_000, // Set your gas limit    gasPrice: 40000, // Set your gas price    to: contractAddress,    data: callData,});