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LimitOrderProtocolFacade.nonce() - returns the nonce of the current wallet address
LimitOrderProtocolFacade.advanceNonce(count: number) - increases the nonce by the count
LimitOrderProtocolFacade.increaseNonce() - increases the nonce by 1

Nonce - this is the so-called series of limit orders.
The nonce is useful when you need to create a bunch of limit orders with the ability to cancel them all later.


import Web3 from 'web3';import {    LimitOrderProtocolFacade,    LimitOrderPredicateBuilder,    Web3ProviderConnector} from '@1inch/limit-order-protocol';
const walletAddress = '0xhhh...';const contractAddress = '0x5fa31604fc5dcebfcac2481f9fa59d174126e5e6';const chainId = 1;
const connector = new Web3ProviderConnector(new Web3('...'));const limitOrderProtocolFacade = new LimitOrderProtocolFacade(contractAddress, connector);const limitOrderPredicateBuilder = new LimitOrderPredicateBuilder(    limitOrderProtocolFacade);const limitOrderBuilder = new LimitOrderBuilder(    contractAddress,    chainId,    connector);
// Get the current nonceconst nonce = await limitOrderProtocolFacade.nonce(contractAddress);
// Create a limit order with nonceEquals predicateconst predicate = limitOrderPredicateBuilder.nonceEquals(walletAddress, nonce);const limitOrder = limitOrderBuilder.buildLimitOrder({    ...,    predicate});
// Cancel all orders by advance nonceconst cancelAllOrdersCallData = limitOrderProtocolFacade.advanceNonce();sendTransaction({    from: walletAddress,    gas: 210_000, // Set your gas limit    gasPrice: 40000, // Set your gas price    to: contractAddress,    data: cancelAllOrdersCallData,});