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A limit order can contain one or more predicates that indicate the logic of its validity.
There are two types of predicate operators:

Conditional operators:#

andcombine several predicates, return true when all predicates are valid
orcombine several predicates, return true when one of predicates is valid

Comparative operators:#

All comparative operators have three arguments:
(value: string, address: string, callData: string)

How the operators works:
On an operator call, the contract execute the callData for the address and compare a result with the value

eqa result must be equal to the value
lta result must be less than the value
gta result must be greater than the value

Built-in operators:#

nonceEquals(makerAddress: string, makerNonce: number)

The predicate checks that the makerNonce is equal to the nonce of makerAddress

timestampBelow(timestamp: number)

The predicate checks that timestamp is greater than the current time


import Web3 from 'web3';import {    LimitOrderProtocolFacade,    LimitOrderPredicateBuilder,    LimitOrderPredicateCallData,    Web3ProviderConnector,} from '@1inch/limit-order-protocol';
const makerAddress = '0x5fa31604fc5dcebfcac2481f9fa59d174126e5e6';const tokenAddress = '0xcc83bc1050244c98ac562f9faff408f069a137d7';const balanceOfCallData = '0x000...000';const contractAddress = '0x5fa31604fc5dcebfcac2481f9fa59d174126e5e6';
const connector = new Web3ProviderConnector(new Web3('...'));const limitOrderProtocolFacade = new LimitOrderProtocolFacade(    contractAddress,    connector);const limitOrderPredicateBuilder = new LimitOrderPredicateBuilder(    limitOrderProtocolFacade);
const {    or,    and,    timestampBelow,    nonceEquals,    gt,    lt,    eq,} = limitOrderPredicateBuilder;
const simplePredicate: LimitOrderPredicateCallData = and(    timestampBelow(Math.round( / 1000) + 60_000), // a limit order is valid only for 1 minute    nonceEquals(makerAddress, 4) // a limit order is valid until the nonce of makerAddress is equal to 4);
const complexPredicate: LimitOrderPredicateCallData = or(    and(        timestampBelow(Math.round( / 1000) + 60_000),        nonceEquals(makerAddress, 4),        gt('10', tokenAddress, balanceOfCallData)    ),    or(timestampBelow(5444440000), lt('20', tokenAddress, balanceOfCallData)),    eq('30', tokenAddress, balanceOfCallData));