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RFQ order structure

infoStringinformation about a limit order RFQ, encoded as a decimal number. Reade more bellow
makerAssetStringthe address of the asset you want to sell (address of a token contract)
takerAssetStringthe address of the asset you want to buy (address of a token contract)
makerAssetDataStringthe technical info about a maker asset and its amount
takerAssetDataStringthe technical info about a taker asset and its amount

info - a composite key that consists of:

  • the id of the limit order
  • the timestamp of its expiration

Example of generating a limit order RFQ info:

const id = 1;const expiresInTimestamp = 1623166102;const info = ((BigInt(expiresInTimestamp) << BigInt(64)) | BigInt(id)).toString(    10);