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Validate a limit order


There is the possibility to check limit order validity.
For example, you can check that a limit order is valid by predicates.

Under the hood:
On a simulateCalls() call, the contract returns the string like CALL_RESULTS_01101
If that string contains at least one 0 symbol, then a limit order is invalid, otherwise - valid


import Web3 from 'web3';import {    LimitOrderProtocolFacade,    LimitOrder,    Web3ProviderConnector} from '@1inch/limit-order-protocol';
const contractAddress = '0x5fa31604fc5dcebfcac2481f9fa59d174126e5e6';const order: LimitOrder = {...};
const connector = new Web3ProviderConnector(new Web3('...'));const limitOrderProtocolFacade = new LimitOrderProtocolFacade(contractAddress, connector);
const addresses = [contractAddress];const callDatas = [order.predicate];
try {    const result: boolean = await limitOrderProtocolFacade.simulateCalls(addresses, callDatas);
    console.log('Order validity: ', result);} catch (error) {    console.error(error);}