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Limit vs. RFQ Orders

The Limit Order Protocol provides users with options to place both Limit orders and Request For Quote (RFQ) orders. Select the appropriate order type based on your specific needs.

Comparison Table#

CriteriaLimit OrderRFQ Order
Suitable forTradersMarket Makers
Flexibility of featuresHigh; includes Order predicates, callbacks. DetailsLimited due to gas optimization; Supports expiration time, partial fills (once), and cancellation by ID. Details
ExecutionUses Pathfinder algorithm for liquidity.Exposed via API; requires quote requests; optimized for one-time fills.
Key CharacteristicsOffers at a fixed price (0 slippage); various trading features/tools can be built.Mirrors "request for quotation"; designed for market makers and gas efficiency.

Both order types support ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens. Other token standards might be supported in the future.

More resources#

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